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Title:Land of Desire
Genre:: Drama, Crime, Soap
First Air Date: 2023-05-08
Last Air Date: 2023-09-30
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 150
Runtime: min
Overview: When her husband is killed in a land grabbing attempt, Aline takes charge of cultivating his land and protecting his family. Facing the powerful Antonio La Selva, responsible for the death of her husband and the largest landowner in the region, Aline is determined to keep possession of her land and invest in its production. However, she didn't expect that she would fall in love with Daniel, son of her rival, who is at odds with his rebellious half-brother, Caio, who, in turn, also falls in love with the girl. In the interior of Brazil, Aline will have to fight two battles: the dispute for her lands and for her heart.
Stars: Barbara Reis (Aline Machado), Cauã Reymond (Caio de La Selva), Tony Ramos (Antônio La Selva), Glória Pires (Irene de La Selva), Eliane Giardini (Agatha Santini La Selva), Ágatha Moreira (Graça Junqueira), Leandro Lima (Delegado Marino), Tatá Werneck (Anely Taques), Rainer Cadete (Luigi Colombo), Débora Ozório (Petra de La Selva), Jonathan Azevedo (Odilon Moreira), Débora Falabella (Lucinda Taques Andrade), Susana Vieira (Cândida Aguiar), Johnny Massaro (Daniel de La Selva), Ângelo Antônio (Marco Andrade), Cláudio Gabriel (Tadeu Belmont), Leona Cavalli (Gladys Belmont), Valéria Barcellos (Luana Shine), Igor Angelkorte (Dr. Enrico Brandão), Charles Fricks (Dr. Celso), Bruna Aiiso (Cibele), Márcio Tadeu de Lima (Régis), Jeniffer Dias (Amanda Villar), Renata Gaspar (Nina), Suyane Moreira (Anahy), Gil Coelho (Omar), Tatiana Tiburcio (Theodora), Inez Viana (Ondina), Daniel Munduruku (Xamã Jurecê Guató), Flávio Bauraqui (Gentil), Kizi Vaz (Nina), Thati Lopes (Berenice), Camilla Damião (Menah), Diego Martins (Kelvin Santana), Letícia Laranja (Flor da Conceição), Carol Romano (Raimunda (Munda)), Rafael Gualandi (Enzo Veiga), Ignácio Luz (Fernando Galego (Nando)), Felipe Melquiades (Cristian Amorim Andrade)


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