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Never Give Up
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Title:Never Give Up
Genre:: Soap, Comedy
First Air Date: 2023-01-16
Last Air Date: 2023-08-11
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 179
Runtime: min
Overview: Sol is a hardworking woman who has the chance to work as a backing vocalist for a funk singer and return to dancing, as she did in her youth. Torn between family pressure and passion for the stage, she must face the judgment of her church's members and conflicts with her family. The new chance will make her reconnect with her past in many ways, leading her to find her great youth love.
Stars: Sheron Menezes (Solange (Sol)), Samuel de Assis (Benjamim (Ben)), Che Moais (Carlão), José Loreto (Lui Lorenzo), Renata Sorrah (Wilma), Carolina Dieckmann (Lumiar), Bella Campos (Jenifer Daiane), Jean Paulo Campos (Yuri dos Santos), Mel Maia (Guiga), Regiane Alves (Clara), Letícia Salles (Érika), Claudia Ohana (Dora), Zécarlos Machado (Fábio), Emílio Dantas (Theo), Luís Lobianco (Vitinho), Manu Estevão (Duda), Elisa Lucinda (Dona Marlene), Guthierry Sotero (Vini), Caio Manhente (Rafael), Carla Cristina Cardoso (Bruna), Clara Moneke (Kate Cristina (Katelícia)), MC Cabelinho (Hugo), Gabriel Contente (Otávio Villar (Tatá)), Jonathan Haagensen (Orfeu), Nathália Costa (Meire), Marcos Veras (Simas), Orlando Caldeira (Anthony Verão), Priscila Steinman (Helena), Bruno Padilha (Emílio), Jê Soares (Sol Jovem), Isacque Lopes (Ben (Jovem)), Hanna Romanazzi (Lumiar (Jovem)), Mateus Honori (Carlão (Jovem)), Matheus Polis (Théo (Jovem)), Rhavine Chrispim (Marlene (Jovem)), Flora Camolese (Bia), Tati Villela (Naira), Henrique Barreira (Fred), Gabriela Estevão ()


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